As seen on HBO, Comedy Central,
and The Tonight Show...
The Floating Table
Spellman performs "The Floating Table".
Inner Light
Light bulbs inserted through one's stomach really illuminate who one is on the inside.
The Houdini
Spellman begins "The Houdini", an escape illusion once performed by the greatest of all escape artists, Harry Houdini.
The Cage
Spellman's assistant is caged because she is about to transform into a wild animal!

Make your next event
Magically Memorable!

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Master Magician Steve Spellman and his traveling comedy magic show will perform fun magical entertainment at your event in San Diego, Los Angeles, or anywhere in Southern California.

With over 25 years of experience, Magician Steve Spellman performs a professional comedic "Las Vegas caliber" stage show at any Southern California event location, from San Diego's Sports Arena to elementary school gymnasiums, from outdoor corporate events to indoor banquet halls.

Scalable to fit any size of private party or public event, the Spellman Magic Spectacular includes up to 24,000 pounds of large illusions, stage lighting, surround sound, special effects, and live animals to dazzle your audience and ensure that your event is a huge success.

Each show is set up and dismantled on-site by a crew of five professionals, making the Spellman Magic Spectacular an easy, hassle-free way for you to provide a truly grand performance. You'll sit back and enjoy a "full-service" traveling comedy magic show offering unparalleled on-site entertainment in San Diego, Los Angeles, or anywhere in Southern California.

Spellman's upbeat blend of humor and magic delights audiences both large and small, both young and young at heart. The Spellman Magic Spectacular is ideal for your:

  • Corporate Event
  • School Assembly
  • Outdoor Gathering
  • Regional Fair
  • Fund Raiser
  • P.T.A Family Night
  • Birthday Party
  • Drug Awareness
  • Any Event Possible

For an astounding Magician in San Diego, Los Angeles, or anywhere in Southern California, give us a call at 760-994-2061 and find out how easy and inexpensive it is to provide a magnificent show for guests at your next party, fund raiser, corporate picnic, school assembly, family night, festival, jamboree, regional fair, or even larger event.

The Spellman Magic Spectacular
Or Call: 760-994-2061

The Missmaid
Spellman and his beautiful daughter finish "The Missmaid" for a cheering audience.
The Basket
Spellman's daughter Alyshia prepairs to survive swords plunged through the basket.
Dove Appears
Two white doves flutter on Spellman's fingers after appearing out of thin air.
Spellman, Alyshia, and their housecat who likes to come out for the really big shows.

Easy to arrange, Difficult to believe, Impossible to forget.