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Quality Entertainment For Successful Events
Quality Entertainment

Alyshia sports a new outfit
The Spellman Magic Spectacular is a hassle-free way to provide a unique blend of magic and comedy that will impress guests at your next event.

Packed with large illusions and special effects, this professional Las Vegas quality stage show will delight your audience and keep them talking about it long after.

Shows can be performed in any scale, from a multi-purpose meeting room to a full size stadium, indoors or outdoors, day or night. Shows are approximately one hour long, and are extremely flexible to suit your needs.

Call 760-994-2061 to schedule.

A fully self-contained stage show means that the Spellman Magic Spectacular lowers your cost by providing everything needed for your show to be a success, instead of passing on the high cost of renting equipment.

Stage-lighting, backdrop, sound-system, and special-effects are all completely set up and dismantled by our professional crew, so you are free to focus on other aspects of your event, or just sit back and enjoy it.

Full Sound System
Full Professional Sound System
Stadium quality sound, lights, and effects provide the quality show your guests want. Friendly stagehands see to all the details so that you can enjoy your event.

The crew will arrive five hours before showtime, which allows extra time to address any issues and ensure a spectacular show. After the dazzling performance, the crew dismantles the equipment and is off the premises in about three hours.

Full Stage Lighting
Full Professional Stage Lighting

For Events Outdoors or Indoors...

Outdoor Entertainment
Outdoor Entertainment
Indoor Stage Show
Indoor Stage Show

Sports Arena
Sports Arena


Festival Tent
Festival Tent

Illusions performed can include all of the following and more:

The Swordbasket
The Swordbasket
The Swordbasket
  • The Blamo Box The show opens with Spellman's beautiful assistant materializing on top of a table!
  • The Miss Maid Four boxes and four blades separate Spellman's lovely assistant into four pieces!
  • The Disappearing Duck A live duck vanishes and re-appears, then again in slow motion!
  • The Twister Spellman puts his smiling assistant's head into a vice and spins it round and round!
  • The Lost Canary A live canary disappears only to be found in a very unlikely place!
  • The Enchanted Table With an audience member's help, a small table levitates into the air and floats about the stage!
  • The Swordbasket After removing five swords from the basket, Spellman finds his assistant inside! (photo left)
  • The Levitation Spellman's beautiful assistant is hypnotized and suspended in thin air!
  • The Seance Spirits mysteriously wreak havoc and comedy while Spellman is tied to a chair!
  • The Mind Reading Duck Spellman discovers his duck, Fluff Daddy, can read the minds of volunteers!
  • The Metamorphosis An escape act once performed by the greatest of all escape artists, Harry Houdini!
  • The Pick Pocket Spellman selects volunteers for a rope trick, but that's not all that's going on! (photo right)
The Pick Pocket
The Gorilla's Bride
  • The Magic Doves Four live white doves are caught out of thin air, only to vanish again!
  • The Zig Zag Spellman puts his lovely assistant into the Zig Zag and then removes her torso!
  • The Cage Spellman's assistant is locked into a cage where she transforms into something not nearly so lovely! (photo left)

A Few Of The Places We've Been...

Alyshia Peforming the Metamorphosis

City of Fontana - 4th of July 2006
Spellman Magic performing for the City of Fontana on 4th of July, 2006
( Click for larger picture )

Banquet Hall
Spellman Magic in the Ballroom at the Pacific Palms Conference Resort
Spellman Peforming the Sword Basket

The Spellman Magic Spectacular
Or Call: 760-994-2061

Easy to arrange, Difficult to believe, Impossible to forget.