Spellman Magic Spectacular!
Over 25 Years of Facinating American and International Audiences.

History of Mystery

1970's Ring Trick
Steve Spellman and his famous Magic Spectacular have been fascinating national and international audiences for over 25 years.

Spellman's interest in illusions began as a child, performing magic for his parents and putting on shows for his neighborhood friends. As a young adult, Spellman was stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army, and began his magical career by performing for military audiences throughout Europe.

Upon returning home to the East Coast, Spellman worked nightclubs and hotels opening for well known television and stage personalities. In 1975 he performed with Cheech and Chong, in 1976 with Tiny Tim on the Tonight Show, and in 1977 he toured from Maine to Florida with the Lynyrd Skynyrd band.
1980's Cougar

1980's Levitation
In the 1980's Spellman firmly established himself as a leader in magical entertainment, performing on HBO, Comedy Central, The Tonight Show, cruise ships, comedy clubs, USO tours, and theme parks. During the 80's and 90's, Spellman has appeared on over 100 cable television stations from coast to coast.

Today Spellman is better than ever, keeping his show fresh with new illusions and his own limitless excitement and passion for magic. Spellman is respected in his professional community, his magical associations including charter membership in the International Brotherhood of Magic, the Magic Guild of Southern California, and the Academy of Magical Arts (Hollywood's own Magic Castle).
1990's Tiger Switch

2000's Master Magician Now the Spellman Magic Spectacular is one of very few acts that travels fully self contained with three tons of theatrical lighting, backdrops, scenery, surround sound, special effects, and full-sized illusions to transform any indoor or outdoor setting into a sensational Las Vegas showroom. This gives Spellman the ability to perform his polished, high-caliber show anytime, anywhere. Spellman can also see into the future, and sees your own Magic Spectacular event being an overwhelming success. Experienced and reliable, the Spellman Magic Spectacular delivers amazing entertainment and fun for everyone, every time.

Easy to arrange, Difficult to believe, Impossible to forget.