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Famous Faces

Jack White
Jack White
Former San Diego KGTV/Channel 10 news anchor Jack White introduced Steve Spellman before a performance for the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and to return the favor, Steve Spellman introduced Jack White to his duck Fluff Daddy.
Junior Seau
Football fans will recognize Patriots line-backer Junior Seau watching closely as an audience member inspects knots tied around Spellman's wrists for a spooky Seance illusion.

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore signs an autograph at the Spellman Magic Show.
Michael Berryman
Spellman and his daughter Alyshia pose with sci-fi actor Michael Berryman, who began his distinquished career playing the character "Ellis" in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".

Graham Greene
Graham Greene
Spellman leads an audience member across the stage to be his next victim... oops... his next volunteer. Rodney A. Grant is perhaps best known for his role as "Wind In His Hair" in the movie "Dances With Wolves".
Robert Baxt
Steve Spellman hams it up with comedic Magician Robert Baxt.

John Calvert on stage
Famous magician John Calvert toured the world with his show for many years, and also had a successful career in movies. At age 96 he's quite an entertainer, seen here joking around on stage.

John Calvert and his wife
John Calvert, and his wife Tammy, enjoy front row seats at a Spellman Magic outdoor event. He says the secret to his longevitiy is that he doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, and doesn't eat too much.

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Our Cast and Crew

Alyshia is Spellman's daughter and a very talented showgirl.
McShane thinks he looks cool holding the swords.
Steve Sprague brings over 30 years of magical experience to our show.

Eddie and Sprague
Eddie Bourquin and Steve Sprague before a show.

Ryan Parks
Ryan Parks can be found backstage where all the real magic happens.
Kalena is our fabulous showgirl from the Hawaiian Islands.
Brice Joiner
Brice Joiner helps the magic happen both onstage and off.

Bunny Ears
Of course Steve Spellman is always clowning around, and that's McShane with the bunny ears.

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Around the Spellman House

Spellman's garage is full of all sorts of wonders, and is often the site of strange, mystical occurrences!
Dog and Cat (Tiger Cub)
Like many ordinary people, Spellman also has a dog and a cat that like to play together in the living room.

Show Dog Magic Max
Meet Max, Spellman's Showdog who goes to almost all the shows with Spellman.
Casey and Max
Max has a friend named Casey, and here they are sitting atop the Blamo Box.

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Tigers and Castles and Fun, Oh My!

Tiger Cub Visit
Spellman's "housecat" sometimes likes to come to the shows and meet the kids!
Spellman's Tiger
Our tiger had no home and was facing extermination before the Spellman family rescued and adopted it.

The Magic Castle in Hollywood
Hollywood's own Magic Castle is a popular hangout for popular magicians and a favorite haunt for Steve Spellman.
Don visits the Magic Castle
Spellman sweeps girls off their feet at the Magic Castle, which is also home of the Academy of Magical Arts.

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