Spellman at the Ritz
Spellman and Crew at the Ritz
Top to bottom: Steve McShane, Steve Spellman, Amy Salter, Santa Claus, Don Johnson, Steve Sprague, Max.

The Ritz Carlton, Laguna Nigel chooses Spellman Magic to entertain their most distinguished guests during the holiday seasons.

For the last few years, Spellman Magic has delighted adults and their children with a heart-warming blend of magic and holiday cheer. For an admission, guests enjoy the show in a beautiful ballroom overlooking the ocean while champagne and other treats are served.

Near the end of each show, Spellman hears sleigh-bells ringing, heralding the arrival of Santa Claus who appears from behind a magical door.
Spellman produces Santa Claus
Spellman shows there's no one behind the door, but then he opens the door to reveal Santa Claus!

Candy-Cane Levitation

Playing with Fire
Fireballs become flying doves!
Steve Spellman performed this candy-cane style levitation illusion (pictured above) and many other astounding feats. We are already looking forward to working with the wonderful people at the Ritz Carlton next holiday season!
Triumphant Finish
Another triumphant finish!
Previously at the Ritz
Our first year at the Ritz Carlton was 2006 and everyone had such a great time!
The pictures below may show why we've been invited back every year since then.

Show Opening
The show opens with more magic in 60 seconds than some magicians do their entire show!

Kalena the Elf
Kalena makes a great helper elf!

Floating Table
A volunteer helps a spooky table float!

Max the Magic Dog
Everyone loves Max the Magic Dog!

Spellman produces Santa Claus
Santa Claus appears through a magic door!

Spellman produces Max
From left to right: Steve Sprague, Max the Magic Dog, Don Johnson, and Steve Spellman

The Spellman Magic Spectacular
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Easy to arrange, Difficult to believe, Impossible to forget.