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Spellman Magic Spectacular!
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Anything is posssible!
"If you make good choices and believe in yourself, anything is possible."

Spellman involves children onstage.
Spellman involves children onstage.

You have to rub it in your hair...
To make the ballon magic, you have to rub it in your hair...

Is that a REAL duck?
Spellman shares a live duck up close, just before it vanishes!

Spellman and Kalena
Spellman and Kalena triumphant after a successful illusion.

Ready to start the show.
The anticipation of a show about to begin!

Petting the Animals
Everyone enjoys interacting with the animals after the show.

The Magician
With a Message

Outstanding Contributions to Education Award
Accepting the Outstanding Contributions to Education
award from the Orange County Board of Education.

"Principles of Character" Assemblies

Magical Moments and Messages that Last a Lifetime

Principals and Teachers agree that Spellman has mastered the art of enabling children to absorb messages such as putting education first, and being kind to others. Spellman's unique "Principles of Character" assemblies use fascinating magical illusions to reinforce the Life Skill Messages that your teachers are conveying to students throughout the school year, such as...

Life Skill Messages

  • Why Character Counts
  • Building Self-Esteem
  • Anything is Possible
  • No Bullies Allowed
  • Making Good Choices
  • Reading is Magic
  • Pillars of Character
  • Drug Free, That's Me
  • Internet Safety
  • The Magic In You

Our self-contained traveling magic program is designed specifically for school assemblies, and is complete with a professional sound system and personal assistant. You'll only need to provide the venue and the students. To accommodate your school's schedule these assemblies can range from 30 to 45 minutes in length, and can easily be done "back to back". Spellman enjoys performing indoors or out, and is adept at incorporating any theme you may require into the program.

Once Spellman is in front of the children, the rest will take care of itself, and you'll see why the Association of California School Administrators endorses Spellman as "their magician". The positive outlook conveyed by famous comedic magician Steve Spellman will give your teachers a real head start in the classroom. Please contact us for pricing, because a truly magical moment in education for your students is just a phone call away!

Free Assemblies

These character building assemblies can be included for free when you participate in our Family Fun Night program described below, because Spellman uses them to "kick off" promotions for this truly big show in a dramatic way. He energizes the students and whets their appetites for learning through magic, ensuring there is always a large turn-out for the exciting and community-building Family Fun Night to follow.

Spectacular Family Nights!
Minimal Cost To Your School

Treat your community to an unforgettable evening of comedy, positive messages, and upbeat family fun. Spellman's Family Fun Night is the largest show offered to schools in Southern California, complete with stage, lighting, surround sound, special effects, and over a dozen incredible illusions.

Our Special Program Package just for Schools...

  • Free Assemblies - A blend of humor, magic, and esteem building messages, these assemblies are included for free as part of our School Package. Spellman can accommodate your school with up to two assemblies to cover your schedules, or they can be held at lunch times to prevent missed class time. Choose a program such as "Drug Awareness", "Reading is Magic", or "Making Good Choices", and find out why D.A.R.E officers hired Spellman for their own drug awareness programs. Children leave the assembly knowing they can accomplish anything they set their minds to, and they are exited about the upcoming Family Night. We recommend scheduling your assemblies approximately two weeks prior to the Family Night, to give parents and students a time to pre-purchase tickets.

  • We Provide Everything - Promotional materials such as posters, tickets, printable flyers (in English and Spanish), a step-by-step instruction sheet, and free VIP passes will all be provided to make your role easy. Posters can be hung approximately a month before the show, flyers go home with students the day of the assembly, and the tickets always sell.

  • Live Entertainment that cost less than a movie - Spellman captures the imagination of all family members with a 90 minute live Family Night featuring four entertainers, full sized illusions, and live animals, all for less than a night at the movies. Patrons of Lego-Land paid $38 per ticket to see Spellman on New Year's Eve, and with our School Package, you can provide this same quality performance to your community for less than a movie ticket (children 3 and under free). There are no hidden costs, and no sliding scales.

  • Perfect for Fund Raising - PTA's often use this popular family night to successfully raise funds by providing refreshments and/or adding to the ticket price. Baked goods, sodas, popcorn, and hotdogs are popular ideas. With over 20 years of experience at school fundraisers, we'll be happy to assist you.

  • Accommodates Any Facility - A full show can be performed in almost any multi-purpose room, cafeteria, or auditorium, or bring your blanket and enjoy our beloved "Magic Under the Stars" outdoor event! Safety is always on our minds, and we have a 2 million dollar insurance policy that covers us where ever we go.

  • A Truly BIG Show - A 25 foot truck carrying 24,000 pounds of equipment and illusions will arrive at your school five hours prior to show time, to ensure plenty of time for us to set up. Our experienced and responsible four-man crew will see to all the details for you, and insure that your night is a huge success. Just greet the crew and point them in the right direction, sell the remaining tickets at the door, and then enjoy the show!

"A Las Vegas style show
that was definitely 'G' rated."

- John Laurich, Principal, W.R. Nelson Elementary
Stage just before an indoor family fun night.

Call us at 760-994-2061 and find out how you can provide your community the
most fun Family Night they've ever had.

The Spellman Magic Spectacular
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Easy to arrange, Difficult to believe, Impossible to forget.

See what Superintendents, PTA Presidents, Principals, and Teachers are saying!

Children Participate
Children actually participate and absorb positive messages.

Flattened bunny rabbit!
A live bunny goes in, a flat bunny comes out, and transforms into a live bunny again!

Spellman's Secret Accomplice
This bunny doesn't come out of a hat!

Onstage with SpellmanPTA's love Spellman
"Have you ever met me before? Then how can you know it is really me?

Biggest Fan
Spellman and his duck Fluff Daddy.

PTA's love Spellman
Spellman's Family Night package makes PTA's happy.

Signing autographs
Signing autographs after the show.

Magic Under the Stars!

2006 Anaheim PTA Convention
We made lots of friends at the 2006 Anaheim PTA Convention. Were you there? ( Click for larger picture )

Happy AudienceHappy Audience