Steve Sprague

Steve Sprague

Steve Sprague brings many years of magic experience to the Spellman Magic Show. He can build everything from the largest of stage illusions down to the smallest prop, and handles most of our costume needs as well. His experience with staging and choreography has been invaluable, bringing our show to new heights of excellence.

Steve Sprague's brother was the famous Illusionist Lee Edwards, and together they built a large illusion show that was performed in theaters, movies, and television for over 30 years. Steve Sprague staged and coreographed these productions, and designed and constructed most of the costumes.

Light Box
Lee Edwards and Steve Sprague

Assistant's Revenge
Lee Edwards, Steve Sprague, and Janice Cowart performing the Light Box (above left) and the Assistant's Revenge (above right).

In his spare time, Steve Sprague taught Jazz and Tap Dance for over 15 years, and was a founding member of the dance company "The Rhythm Rascals".

Tap Dancing
Steve Sprague has played roles in a huge variety of movies and television shows, including a Vulcan on Star Trek's Next Generation.

A true Wizard of behind-the-scenes Magic, Steve Sprague's many talents help make the Spellman Magic Show even more Spectacular.

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